R. Roger Rowe is one of the top 5 schools in San Diego. It is an incredible place to send our kids, with extraordinary opportunities for all. Many families move to Rancho Santa Fe just to be able to attend the school. One crucial educational aspect, however, is being overlooked, and it is keeping us from being ranked amongst the best schools in the country.


In an era where everything is customized, from our homes, to our cars, to our clothes, why isn’t the education of our children being customized? We need a program to effectively challenge students who have already met and are exceeding state-mandated standards.

Wonderfully, R. Roger Rowe has one of the greatest Individual Education Programs (IEP) in the state for kids in need. Many children who do not have an IEP, however, are not being given the educational opportunities they need in order to meet their highest potential.


I am proposing a supplemental program to address students not covered by the existing IEP - those who will benefit from additional support, challenges, and a higher level of learning. An Individual Learning Program (ILP) would fill the gap and provide all of our students with an opportunity for individualized education.

View ILP proposal here. IEP Graph

Given our demographics and resources, shouldn’t we expect that all our children be challenged to the level of their ability? Shouldn't we embrace the mission of the California Department of Education to "provide a world-class education for all students"?

With a superior educational program supplemented by both an IEP and an ILP, R. Roger Rowe could become the top school in San Diego County and be ranked among the best the country.


Customized Education For All Students

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choosing an exceptional superintendent

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Audit of Current Methods

A review of R. Roger Rowe's current philosophy will show where the school can do better administratively, fiscally, socially, and most importantly, academically.

Fiscal Responsibility

In order to become extraordinary again, R. Roger Rowe must become more resourceful. As a lifelong entrepreneur, I have been able to reach seemingly unattainable goals with very limited resources. It is not only possible, it is imperative that we provide our children a world-class education using the resources we have. A creative, efficient and effective superintendent who can think outside the box can help us get back to being extraordinary.

Transparency and Open Debate

Our goal should be to engage the administration, faculty, parents, students and the community in meaningful dialogue that will unite our community with the common goal of raising the bar and working together to be extraordinary.


It is critical that all students are offered challenging and rigorous work up to their ability, not only for their well-being, but also for the future well-being of society as a whole. Students shouldn’t be spending their days in classrooms learning little beyond how to cope with boredom as they “relearn” material they’ve already mastered. This lack of challenge leads to frustration, underachievement, and even failure. Some students become severely depressed. We are squandering our brightest young minds. We must incorporate the needs of these students into R. Roger Rowe's MASTER PLAN.

The following articles and studies support how important it is not to overlook these kids: